Searching High and Low

Here are some of the search terms that have landed web surfers on this blog. The following terms were found in my keyword analysis data. Comments have been added by me.

sexy star greta martini - How could it not be sexy with a name like Greta?
how to make pornstar martini - Three parts vodka, two parts bad dialog, and a splash of coke.
rum twizzler - Would you like red or black licorice with your drink?
bar cart wheels - Not nearly as fun as Martini Cartwheels.

martini porn - I've never combined the two. Honest.
her pants open - Ok, dirty boy. Go away. Unless you're really a dirty girl. Then visit often.
porn stars and massachusetts - Must be talking about Dick Hertz from Holden (Holden, Mass that is - a real place) and Ben Dover (a town near Boston).

mall tooth whitening - For those with less than perfect oral hygiene. Why whiten one?
mall teeth whitening - No better place than the mall to get some dental work done.
mall teeth light - To be used directly below your mall head light.


Stealth said…
Now I wanna know what a porn star martini is....
Hi Steath! I just googled it and got an artist's gallery - cool paintings of martini glasses.

I think it's a great name though for a drink!
Anonymous said…
I don't know how you come up with these things! I want to know what a porn star martini is too now!
Anonymous said…
This is one of your funniest posts. LOL!
Thank you Chewy! I found it very interesting (and a little scary) what keywords people have used to stumble onto this blog. Maybe I need to choose my words more carefully!

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