It's Official

It arrived on Saturday. It looked official, like a jury duty notice or a tax bill. The large bold print says it all. You're over 40 now, and you probably can't see very well. We'll start early, at 6:30, just in case you can't make it past 9:00. And we'll make it a buffet, so you don't have to remember what your original dinner choice was when the wait staff comes around to ask you "chicken or fish". And don't worry about trying to find a guest to bring. We know you must be divorced by now. Have fun!


Anonymous said…
I was all set to go to my 30th Reunion. Bought a new outfit and jewelry. It was canceled a week before the event because of lack of interest. A graduating class of over 600 students! Damn!
Anonymous said…
oh my....i got the same invite and decided to do a search for the reunion and your blog popped up. I think i know you from waayyy Belcher School back...very funny
Hi Chewy - That must have been disappointing. I'm worried that may happen with this event as well. I've decided I'm going to attend however. I've lost contact with all my high school buddies so I am a little nervous going.
Hey Anonymous - Belcher School! Yes, I was there. Will you be going to the reunion?

Thank you for the visit. Hope to see you again (and learn your identity - I'm very curious).
Hi Ronia! Thank you for the visit. I've been loving the pictures on your blog. And that video was great. Almost makes me want to take up snow boarding!
Mon said…
I wish I had gotten that invite, our 25th reunion was a cruise to Mexico. Like I could go with two little kids...sort of torqued me a bit. I can't believe it's been this long though, I mean I remember most of it so clearly, how could a quarter of a century have gone by. You and I are in the same graduating class...on opposite sides of the did you go???
Hey OC! A 25th reunion on a cruise sounds a little better than a night at a restaraunt in Chicopee!

The reunion is not for a couple of weeks. I'm planning on going with camera in hand. I hope I can actually remember these people.
Mon said… theory it's a good idea, but being practical it's not. I guess if I still lived in So Cal, it might be, but living where I do, with 2 kids under 5, it was an impossiblity...I did email to find out who was going, and since no one I really wanted to see was going, I opted out. I really was planning on going to my 20th, but I got knocked end of story there...I was belly out to there when it went down. Oh well...maybe I'll catch the 50th...are you nervous?
You know OC, I am a bit nervous. I've contacted a couple of very old highschool friends in order to prep for this. There were some pictures of the 20th reunion on line (I didn't go)and I think I only recognized one person. I'm thinking it will be fun once I settle in and start chatting. Still have no idea what to wear and it's only a couple of weeks away.
Mon said…
Maybe you should wear those bright orange gym shorts...just kidding, seriously I would wear what you are comfortable in.

I was just reading the post with the pictures of Boston from your reminds me so much of one of the views out of the building I used to work at in SF. You can tell that I've never been to the east coast..because I was really surprised that you worked in Boston because you said you lived in the country...that must be a heck of a long commute for you every day...OK...OC...stop writing a book in Miss CJ's Blog comments. Just one more thing, if I can find the picture I'm thinking about I'll post it for's too weird all the similarities between us...:)

Ok..word verification try #2

Hey OC - no worries about the comment length. Your comments are great.

The similarities are really something. I was going over them in my head the other day. Same birth year, same sign, same industry, same view on religion (from what I can gather in your profile), same month started blogging, same issue with spell check, same taste in clothes, the whole perfume thing, on and on.

Yes, my commute is long. 77 miles each way.

I love SF. I've only been there onece, but it reminded me of Boston.

I'm really enjoying your blog!
Mon said…
I Love SF too, it really was hard to leave it. All the same, my commute is now 7 minutes, which I adore.

Oh..and I bought two new bottles of old favorite perfume at TJ Maxx yesterday...I couldn't believe I found them, I was stoked.

And I'm really enjoying your blog as well, I think I read the whole thing last night..:) Well..almost anyway.

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