Early Morning In Boston

This is a view of Boston from my office. Well, not my personal office - we all have cubes. This is where I spend my workday. This photo was taken at 7:00 AM yesterday morning. You can see the Boston Waterfront and Logan Airport in the distance. The building in the second picture is Faneuil Hall which has served as a marketplace and a meeting hall since 1742.


Anonymous said…
Are you a crazy lady?
Hey Chewy - I'm trying to scope out a good spot just in case there is a parade in town on Tuesday. Go Pats!
Anonymous said…
Go Pats...:))))..and she's right get off that ledge..:)))...those shots remind me of putting in all the stuff for the basball allstar game a few years ago..Boston Police don't have much tolerance for large tractor trailers running around downtown..:)))
Cristina said…
CJ, there isn't going to be a parade in Boston. Miami is going to (crossing everything I have 2 of) continue to hold that perfect season for another year.
Anonymous said…
Boo Cristina Booooooo. Thems are fightin words! Put 'em up!

Let's chat again on Monday after the game!
Cristina said…
OTay Blondie - I only say what I say because I am a Miami fan. We are the only team in 35 years to have a perfect season. Look how poorly we played this year, 1-15, because I am a Miami fan I cannot root for the home team for whatever that means - Unionville could quite possibly be close to center between NY & MA.

If the Pats win, I owe you a martini, how's that.
Cristina - I'm afraid of jinxing us so I'm not going to say too much yet. But if there is a parade, I hope to get a good viewing spot!
Hey Robert is Pat's fan!

Driving a car in Boston can be a challange. I can't even imagine driving a truck through the city.
Thanks Pisces. Yes, I'm lucky to have a good view from work. You can see a lot of interesting things from those windows. Of course I am working very hard most of the day and I hardly ever look out :)
Cristina said…
I have to admit, the parades gotta be pretty cool - I can only imagine how awesome it was with the Sox (see I'm not a complete hater). I just hope it is a good game and not completely one sided, but I'm still rooting for the underdawgs.

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