And Then There Was One

It's January 2nd. How may resolutions have you kept so far?
  1. Less Swearing - Broke that at 12:10 AM 01.01.08. Well, who gives a S#*T about that one anyway.

  2. Exercise - Does bowling and Guitar Hero on the Wii count? (Perhaps Chewy can answer that).

  3. Eat Better - I have been snacking on chips that have 30% less fat. I ate 30% more to make up the difference.

  4. No Beer For A Year - Gonzo. Beer x1 at 5:00 pm January 1st.

  5. Go To Bed Earlier - Yes, I kept that one! I was in bed by 9:25PM last night.

Good luck to you all on your resolutions. May you have better luck than I.


Cristina said…
So far so good - only 2 made. I will share the funny one, you might appreciate it.

Not to miss work due to the Vodka Bottle Flu.
Anonymous said…
Resolution: To quit smoking again.
Problem: Found a full pack of cigs in my Jeep under the Kleenex box. Resolution is extended until last butt is smoked.
Hey Chewy - Good luck with that. I'm not a smoker, but I've seen how hard it's been for family and friends to quit. I'm rooting for you!
Hi Cristina - LOL. I haven't heard that one before.

I've never caught that one. But I have had the Sam Adams Flu, the Dirty Ice Flu, and the Pinot Grigio Flu. You would think there would be some sort of shot to prevent these bugs.
Cristina said…
That would be a shot of the bear that bit you the night before according to the wisdom of my father.

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