1966 and 1978

What I am saying: "Wow, it's really cool to have a big sister!"

What she is saying: "I can't believe I had to give up my room for this spoiled thing. Hurray up already. I'm missing Dance Party. I hope my hair comes out ok. I had to iron it for an hour to get it this straight."

What I am saying: "You have the coolest aunt in the world. I hope my perfectly feathered hair looks good in this picture."

What EM is saying: "You think you're so cool in your Earth shoes and polyester shirt. I'm cooler than you and I'm only eight."


Anonymous said…
I had two pairs of Earth Shoes!
Ronia Nash said…
Your aunt is saying " boy I really look like Ralph Macheio in this picture"
Ronia - LOL! Yes, I think I do look a little bit like Ralph! Wax on, wax off!
Hi Chewy - Didn't you love them? They were the cool thing to have.
Anonymous said…
I wonder what my little sister was thinking when I hipchecked her into her locker everyday in school...mmm but not ask..:):)
Hi Robert - Thanks for visiting. You hipchecked her everyday? I'm sure it must have been done with brotherly love.
Stealth said…
I am tagging you today, CJ.

Hi Stealth,

Thanksk for the tag! This one was harder than I thought it would be.
Anonymous said…
Ralph Macheio? Yes! (laughing)

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