Why Outsourcing Is Bad

Here are some reasons why your payroll at work may be totally eff'd up. Or why your leave time balance may be missing a few hundred hours. Don't outsource your IT to places far away. Because if you do, one of these fellows below just may be keeping your payroll software up to date.

I am new to this [NameHidden] Admin area. Actullay i am Oracle dba and now i am going to support [NameHidden] also.Please give me some useful link or Document to get some basic infomration about [NameHidden].

There is no simple read a document formula for knowing how to administer
[NameHidden]. Many people believe it is an extension of being a dba. You have
to understand the product. I would suggest you take some classes related to
the architecture.

Follow-Up Question:
Is there two kind of activity in [NameHidden] Admin part? Means one is
[NameHidden] DBA and other one is [NameHidden] Admin.
Is this correct? or please tell me the structure of [NameHidden] Admin.
Thanks in Advance

Question 2:
Hello Friends,
I want to learn [NameHidden] and I am new to this field. I have good software programming knowledge and database knowledge. Can you please tell me how to start learning [NameHidden]?. I don't know anything about [NameHidden]. I have windows 98 and windows xp computer. Can I anyway use some demo software to learn [NameHidden]? and where can I find the software in internet?.
Waiting for your reply and thanks for your time.


Blondie said…
I'm not sure I followed this one but is this guy a DBA asking about how to become a DBA?!? So he's probably in India working for a US company and doesn't know jack sh!t about being a DBA, right? You get what you pay for. Enough said.

(Word Verifcation: culater. C U Later!)
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I have no clue as to what you are talking about. (scratching head)
Anonymous said…
Yes, we all have a process document written up on us all don't we.

It's not that simple and it doesn't matter how much education or software knowledge a person has either. How do you document common sense?

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