Guess Where I Am?

I'm taking a little work break and spending a few days in Provincetown. There isn't too much open this time of year, at least not during the middle of the week. Fortunately, the weather is beautiful and as soon as I can get my butt off this couch, I'm looking forward to poking around town.

Oh, and what to you think? Should I go for the white or the light blue?


Angie said…
Go with the blue have fun
Thanks Ang! It's so nice just to be here in Ptown.
Anonymous said…
Blue! A little color is nice "down there". (giggle) But I think it should say "Oyster Girl" cuz it's hiding the pearl. (giggle)
LOL Chewy. Very clever - makes sense to me!
C.I.W. said…
I have never been there-- it is one of the things on my Bucket List ..

Have a great time!!!
Solo said…
No opinion on the color choice...but picture me sitting at the desk screeching "DAMN THAT CJ...IN P'TOWN (AGAIN) AND I'M NOT!!! DAMN, DAMN, DAMN."
Okay, maybe I wasn't screeeeeching, but I am still envious that you can just pack up the bike and go at a whim.
Hope you're enjoying that beautiful scenery.
(The underwear choice is just a bit too girlie for me...I'll consult with OAO and get back to ya!)
CJ said…
Have a blast...I'm SO jealous!
lesbo said…
holy moly.
those pics are beautiful!
enjoy your getaway!
Anonymous said…
Love that top pic. It's like an abstract painting. Hot and dreamy.
DawgDyke said…

Definitely blue.
blue for sure!
looks like a beautiful place!

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