Make-Over Saturday

This look may require a bit of upkeep, but I think it conveys a sense of both fun and seriousness. I love my new Shorty-Longback (AKA Sho-Lo).

The "Blonde Dorothy" as it is commonly called, is a young, playful sort of style. There's no place like home!

The inspiration for and creator of our new doos, Starlene.

**The author of this posts realizes that this is totally silly and perhaps a bit stupid. But hey, it's a slow day over here in Western Mass and it's all I could come up with. They all can't be home runs you know. Besides, now that I brought Walmart to you, you don't have to get in your car and drive over there.


Anonymous said…
Love, love, love the Sho-Lo! Starlene should set up a styling station IN Walmart.
Anonymous said…
What the hell are you two doing over there?

Solo said…
Does anyone else hear banjo music?
Thank you Chewy. It was between that and a squirrel pelt.

Rizzo I think I am stepping to new lows of immaturity. It was a sit your ass on the couch type of Saturday and for some reason, this pics gave me a big chuckle.

Dueling banjos at that Solo!
LilliGirl said…
Thanks the gods you didn't do that to yourself!
scintillectual said…
I particularly love the teeth on Starlene. Wait...those aren't her real teeth are they? Cause, shit...that would be embarrassing.
CJ said…
Oh boy! I would stick with the original look, if I were you!
Pretty bad huh Lilli? That's some scary stuff.

No worries Scin. Those are fake. In fact, "Starlene" is really very attractive in real life. It's amazing what a mullet wig, a flannel shirt, and some Billy-Bob teeth will do.

LOL CJ, yes, I think that would be best. I did where it out Halloween eve - just to the hairdresser though. That was enough!
I almost deleted this post because I thought it was just too silly. Again, slow day in western Mass. I'll try to improve next time!
Anonymous said…
Hey, Starlene here. Thank you for posting my lovely new do. And who do you think came up with idea for a salon in WEalmart in the first place? Yup, that was me.

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