Ptown Day 2

Sunset at Herring Cove Beach

Stretch of sand at Herring Cove Beach

It is raining like crazy this morning in Provincetown. The good news is, it is suppose to clear this afternoon.

Happy Friday Everyone!

A Monument Martini


C.I.W. said…
omg- that is BEAUTIFUL..

is this in PTown too??? This is not at all how I pictured it!!!
Thank you John. The scenery here makes it easy to take a nice picture.

Hi CIW - Thank very much. Yes, this is Provincetown - the seashore here on Cape Code makes for some good shots.
CJ said…
I'll take two of those blue drink things. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
That Martini is blue-tiful.
Allison said…
Fall on the Cape was always my tourists but not too cold to walk on the beach.
Ronia Nash said…
Nice photos! Get ready for Project365!
amazing sunset! i'm sure it is very relaxing, you lucky girl!
Blondie said…
Beautiful photos, CJ.

I loved Chewy's blue-tiful martini LOL!! (Hi Chewy!!)

We sure did get lucky with the weather and seeing some gorgeous sunsets. Along with eating some really, really great food!

I am looking forward to our next trip already!

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