A Rare Medium

I went to two seminars this weekend with two different mediums. The first one was with Suzane Northrop who is just absolutely amazing. This is the third time I have gone to see her and this seminar, with only about 125 people in attendance, was just as fantastic as the other two I had seen previously.

I actually got a small reading thanks to Blondie, who was sitting next to me and, after her reading, asked Suzane about my Dad. "He's not pushy like some of these other ones is he?" No, absolutely not I answered. She walked down to the end of the aisle, asked if I had any siblings, and then commented about me being Daddy's little girl. Which I interpret to be a validation of me being the youngest of two children, (by 14 years).

So yesterday I try explaining this to my 84 year old Mother. She knows I'm a believer in these paranormal things so this is nothing new. I explained the whole thing, how I think I got a message from Ernie and how cool it was. To which she replied "Do you know what the weather is supposed to be tomorrow?"

Why yes I do - winged monkeys are going to fly out my butt and pee all over your town with an occasional poop thrown in.

I didn't say that actually. But I could have and I don't think it would have incited a reaction. She has been in her own little world now for years and things have only gotten worse with age.

Anyway, I encourage you to check out one of Suzane's seminars if you have the chance. It's a very cool experience.


Anonymous said…
I'm so blessed having my 89 yo Dad living with me and him being in a relatively healthy state. I do have to yell for him to hear me, but still it's all good.

Interesting weather you have in your parts.
Solo said…
First I had Leah read my cards in New Orleans, now, I've just read Camlin's reading that she did for Kim...now this one on your site.
Hmmm. Perhaps this is the energy that connects us.

Or maybe it's just the Gin.

I agree with Jude's observation of your weather....Maybe Houston ain't so badly after all! :)
Hi there Jude. That's really sweet that your Dad lives with you. My Mother has lived with my sister for the past few years. I'm the referee.

Hello Solo! Very interesting. It certainly could be the source of the energy. Make sure you bring your umbrella if you ever happen to visit western Mass!

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