And This Little Piggy Said You're A Klutz

Yes, I fell in the basement last December and hurt my knee. Yes, I fell down the stairs in May and sprained my foot. Yes, I was wearing flip-flops this weekend and caught my pinky toe on a post in the ground that's used to keep the hose from tangling. Yes, I have disability insurance. Why do you ask?


Anonymous said…
Ouch that's got to hurt so much!

be careful? or get some football padding.
LOL Amy - I am such a klutz. And it runs in the family. My mother and sister have been know to take a tumble or two as well.
Hi Jude - I'm thinking I should be wearing my motorcycle helmet around the house, just to be on the safe side.
Janet said…
OUCH - never let that insurance expire.
dykewife said…
owie!!!! that looks dreadful! i hope it heals well.
Solo said…
Uhm, CJ, HOW many 'Tinis did you have??

You might want to wear your steel toed biker boots as well, Hon!

I hope you realize that by the end of this year, we will have a sufficient collage of your body parts to make a full portrait!
OUCH. At least you have cute toes!
Anonymous said…
lesbo said…
been there, done that exact thing to my pinky toe.
totally agree--never let your insurance lapse.
heal quickly, woman!
Anonymous said…
Holy crap that looks painful!
McMeaty said…
Owwww and Damn!
Mon said… little piggy. I hope it's better now. I agree with Janet...don't let that insurance expire!

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