Martini Madness At Mohegan

These are pictures from the martini bar at the Mohegan Sun Casino in CT.

Notice how the lemon in the martini was calling me. Had I requested an additional twist, I'm sure it would have neatly folded itself into a "J" . Oh you taunt me so.


Solo said…
I'm alllll about a good Martini, CJ. A Dirty one made with Tanqueray and a breath of Vermouth...mmmmm,mmmmm good!
Looks like you had a great time!
Anonymous said…
I love it up there in the ice mountain looking at the stars. The alcoves are cozy too.
Nothing like sitting back and relaxing with a good martini Solo. I don't like olives - so I tend to go for the more "pseudo martinis" - the one in the picture is a pear flavored one.

Isn't that place cool Chewy? It's like you are up close to the stars. I really like having a cocktail there.

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