Night Time At The Wet Spot

Turns out it was way too cold to play in the Wet Spot last night. Summer does not seem to want to come to Massachusetts. Hopefully I will get in at least one day this weekend.


Propane Amy said…
Scoot over. I'm coming to live with you!!
Anonymous said…
wow...that's a beautiful pool!
Solo said…
COLD??? IN JULY???? Dude, I am SO moving to Mass!!! We've had 29 days of 100+ degree heat, no rain, and are under heat advisories until week after next. We're having to ration electricity from 3pm til 7pm.

Move over, CJ. I'm headin' for that pool!!!
LilliGirl said…
Ah, yes. It has been a cool summer. I'll take it though having to forego skinny dips is a tragedy all it's own.
Bunny Boiler said…
Shove over, I'm happy to freeze my tits off for a piece of this..
lesbo said…
summer has yet to arrive in oregon, either.
i'm getting mad about it.
but that's a lovely wet spot you've got!
Anonymous said…
You sure do keep a clean pretty pool.

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