The Face In The Fire

This is a picture I took last night of the fire pit at the house of some friends. We all thought that the image on the left side (oops - the other left, also known as right) looked eerily like a face, and what appeared to be an eye particularly stood out.

The photo was cropped and the colors enhanced slightly but other than that, there are no edits.


Mon said…
Holy crap..I saw that before I read your post....that is a had spooks...and I'm being serious..
Windy Days said…
Looks like a goat. Like the DEVIL! Like the horned beast that is the devil!

Just Kidding.
Anonymous said…
A raging fire!
Bonfires can be mesmerizing.
Solo said…
I only hope you guys weren't playing with a Ouija board at the time...!
I know OC, isn't that a little creepy? I believe in all that spirt stuff. I do, I do, I do believe in spooks.

Hey Windy! A couple of folks thought it looked like a skull. I'm not quite sure myself, but I really think I can see an eye in there!

I love bonfires Chewy. I could just sit and watch them for hours. Of course, then your clothes and hair stink like smoke, but it's worth it.

No Solo, I've learned my lesson about that Ouija board. We used to play with friends back in Boston. Too many weird things happened.
Blondie said…
It's MJ looking at you on the right and his little chimpanzee on the left. Spooky!!
LilliGirl said…
I totally see it clear as day
M said…
That is really eerie. Cool photo though!
I haven't been by lately and hope to be able to resume my own blogs soon. Swamped with other life stuff. Just wanted to say hi!

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