Let The Professionals Handle It

It is not a hot summer here in Massachusetts. And I have only been in the Wet Spot once since it was opened in May. I decided to bite the bullet and put the pool heater on - where upon doing so, the "service heater" indicator promptly lit up.

Maybe the propane is low I thought (where is Propane Amy when I need her?). I called for delivery and expected to see the bill attached to the door. But the bill never materialized. When I called the gas company, they told me the tank was 80% full. Ok, in my defense, the gauge has been stuck since day one. Must be a problem with the heater itself.

I then called the pool company to come out and take a look. They did leave a work order, which stated "Turned on gas valve on heater, heater is all set. No charge".

More gas than expected, easily turned on, and about to get hot. If I didn't know better, I would say the pool is in menopause.


Anonymous said…
LOL @ pool menopause. Yesterday was the first day I regretted not joining the town pool. It's just not a good pool summer.
LilliGirl said…
it's been cool here too, but we are not complaining. I'm gald it was such an easy fix! If only menopause was so easy for us!
Anonymous said…
time to jump in and enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Hope you get wet soon. How's the temp now? Oh... have you ordered the giant balls, ropes and swings?
having a pool party, soon?
Hey Amy! The tank lod? You mean the lid thingy that covers the guage? Sounds like a good idea to me. Thank you, I will give that a shot.

Hi Pixie! It is definitely not a good pool summer. I have only been in twice!

Hello Lilli! Unfortunately the 'service heatet' light came back on tonight. Next time I have a hot flash I will just immerse myself in the pool to warm it up.

Hi Jude! I'm a big wimp - won't jump in unless it is over 76 degrees. But I did go in tonight and it was great.

LOL Chewy. Big Balls at the Wet Spot!

Hey Ms. Creek - no parties yet this summer. It's been a quiet one. Too much rain here.

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