Bears Do It In The Woods, Birds Do It At The Wet Spot

I don't know if bears like to shit in the woods but I do know this. Birds love to shit all over my patio. Now how can I enjoy a moonlit skinny dip this evening in the pool if I'm surrounded by poo? I can't. That's why I just spent the past half hour hosing down the Wet Spot area (minds out of the gutters please ladies).

And to top it all off, I saw a fox in the yard next door checking me out while I was doing it. And not the two legged variety either.

Anyway, feeling much better now that I vented. Now please excuse while I go vacuum the Wet Spot in preparation for tonight's activities. Because no one likes to play in the Wet Spot when it's dirty.


Solo said…
You've definitely been on your Comedy "A" Game lately!!!! WooHoo, CJ!!

Hope that Wet Spot works out for ya.
Anonymous said…
be careful sucking, i mean vacuuming the WS....still looking at your foot.
John Gascot said…
You duhtty duhtty girl.
Mon said…
*snort* I just sent diet coke out my nose...I love that wet spot sign, I need to get myself one of those! I think MA and MT are on the same weather pattern, we haven't seen summer yet either, but I did just get a new cooler for my new place, so bring it on!!! Bring on that wet spot!
lesbo said…
i love this wet spot game!
please, feel free to share stories about your wet spot with us ANYtime.

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