Wanna Go For A Ride

I'm experimenting with some new video software. I have a long way to go to master this. In the mean time, here is a boring little video that I have been playing with. For you Mac owners, if you can't view this, could you please let me know. I never can quite figure out in which format to render these. Thanks all!


Janet said…
Fascinating -- I was able to view it on my Mac...no problem.


Hey want to put an ad for Melissa's new album/tour on your blog? It's important to support your fellow New Englanders.

Let me know and I'll send you the code.
Mon said…
A OK on my Mac....what a cool video!
Landlady of Fat said…
ROFL! I was totally entertained by this.

Is that wrong?? LOL
Anonymous said…
If possible, you should try parking in Natick and taking the T into work. Relax, read the paper, text some friends. Your stress level would be greatly reduced....but who am I to give advise about commuting, my office is 12 feet from my bedroom. I have sat in that traffic going to see customers. Usually my knuckles turn white from gripping the steering wheel like an anaconda. If you were next to me in traffic, you can actually see the spittle fly from my lips as I let loose with a flurry of words that would make a grown man cry.
SassyFemme said…
That traffic would drive me insane!
Velvet Ginger said…
Awwwwwwwww Man! That scres the poop out of me!!! Ugh on teh traffic....thumbs up on your video job!!!!
Velvet Ginger said…
sorry...new kitten was walking on my hands while I was typing!
Hey Janet - Cool. Glad you could see it on your Mac (another Mac user - what am I missing?) Sure I'll put the ad on. I'll contact you for the code.

Thanks OC! I filmed it on a good day - no one finger salutes to bad drivers.

Hey Tina - Not wrong at all. Maybe next time I film myself in traffic I won't be on my best behavior. That's more entertaining.

Hi McMeaty - Love your new blog! I'm jealous of your commute. What is this flurry of words of which you speak? Will it help to move the bad drivers out of my why?

Hey Ms. Creek - Thank you for updating me on the Mac status. Patience - well, I guess I am just used to the commute. I really hate to wait standing in line but somehow in the car it doesn't seem so bad.

Hi Sassy - Yeah, I think I am about at that point. All though some would argue I was just as insane before I started this commute.

Hey Rubye Jean - You end up gettng used to it after a while. The way in is much more tame than the way home. A new kitten...congrats on your new edition!

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