7:00 AM In Boston

Back in May and June, the sun was up at 5:15 as I left my house to drive to work. This is a more challenging time of year - driving east as the sun is coming over the horizon and driving west as the sun is going down.

The sun came up at 6:30 today in Boston, and was starting to spread across Government Center as I was walking from the parking garage to my building. This is a picture of Faneuil Hall, which was built in 1742.

Yes, this is a rather boring post. But I'm tired. Hey, at least I posted a pic.


not boring at all...i love seeing such buildings and the light is spectacular...i drive west to work and east home, so i don't have that problem! where do you work? or rather...what do you do?
SassyFemme said…
I agree with Ms. Creek... not boring at all. Great picture. I can't get over what a long commute you have.
Mon said…
Wonderful photo's..More please!!!

I don't think there is any way you could ever be boring CJ.
Velvet Ginger said…
I love old historical buildings! That's rough driving with the sun in your eyes hon!
Landlady of Fat said…
"Hey, at least I posted a pic."

Anonymous said…
That is a gorgeous photo!
Hey Ms. Creek - I work in Boston as an IT consultant. The commute is a bit of a drag but I love the job. Thanks for the nice comment!

Thanks Sassy! Yes, the commute is a bit of a drag but I work with some great people. Wondering how long I can keep up the drive.

Hey OC - Thank you! I'll have to try some more early morning Boston shots next week.

Hello Rubye Jean - Yes, that is a wondeful old building. Lots of history there. The sun is a bit of a drag - you need good sunglasses for this commute!

Hey Tina! I almost fell asleep on the post and the pic! Too long a day.

Hey Chewy! Thank you very much. I think I got lucky on this one. I appreciate the nice feedback.
Shrinky said…
And a very nice pic it is too (oh, that reminds me, love the new avitar pic). Sheesh, you deserve a medal for rising out of bed at such a god-forsaken hour, little wonder you're tired..!
Thanks Shrinky! That's sweet of you. Yes, I'm finding that getting up at 4:00 AM is starting to kick me in the butt big time.
Janet said…
I LOVE Boston!! It's a great city and I really enjoyed the week I spent there eons and eons ago.


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