Nature's Organ

Of all the places this fungus could pick,
It was in my yard it decided to stick.
There will be no prize,
For it's shape or it's size.
In fact the look of it is making me sick.

Ok, fess up. Who thought I was going to rhyme pick with trick?


dykewife said…

i wonder if it's edible?
Janet said…
Ewwww - better your house then mine.

John Gascot said…
Even I can't muster up anything nice to say about this "member".
Anonymous said…
I wonder if Chewy could write a Haiku about that one?!?! LOL
McMeaty said…
Are you sure Eleana Bobbit hasn't struck again? If not, what kind of fertilizer do you use for that thing?
Anonymous said…
Don't prick your finger pulling it out.
Anonymous said…
hands down, best laugh i've read today. now if only my comment could have been as funny as chewy's.
Shannon said…
LOL! That was great. The poem, not the photos.

They made me sick, too.
Velvet Ginger said…
Good Gawd!!!!!!
lol@the word Chewy used!
Anonymous said…
Edible? No way Dykewife am I getting close enough to find out!

I don't think this needs fertilizer McMeaty. It has no problem with growth apparently.

I'm not sure I have the balls to touch it Chewy, never mind give it a good yank to get it out of the ground.
Anonymous said…
put a condom on it, those things should never be running around loose like that!
SassyFemme said…
I second KittyLitter's ewwwww
I would Otter but I'm afraid to get that close to it. Thank you for stopping by!

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