An Apple A Day

These are the cider donuts I mentioned on the last post. If you're like me, you may not always have the time or the inclination to grab an apple, wash it, and spend 5 minutes crunching away. That's why I love these little babies. They are made from cider, which of course is basically apples so they must be good for you. And a bag of six cider donuts weighs a lot less than a bag of six apples. Less weight in the bag, less weight in my body right? The weight difference also makes them easier to transport, whether I am carrying a half dozen in the saddlebags on my motorcycle or the saddlebags on my thighs. Yummy!


SassyFemme said…
I've got to get me one of those the next time we're up there! Yum!
Janet said…
OH my goodness that's funny - weigh less than apples...if it only worked that way.

And just why doesn't it dammit!

Anna said…
Ignore the nutrition info on the side of the bag and you'll be just fine. And, while you're at it eat one for me...I'll never find them here, and I can't eat white flour anymore. Probably a good thing, but sometimes I miss doughnuts.
Velvet Ginger said…
I like your reasoning...and your new diet secret!
How do they taste??? They must be a North Eastern thing?
Mon said…
I need one of those! I'm with Arial, just ignore the nutrition on the side of the bag, and you will be fine.
weese said…
hmm that seems like nutritionally sound logic to me.
Anonymous said…
I'd like a tall cold glass of skim milk with those "diet" donuts.

I like those single serving bags also.

i totally love your logic! but i'd have to have milk with them...or hot cider!
hhh said…
frick....I keep clicking on you to see if there is an update on your blog (you're on the list now) and there they are, cider doughnuts....every time I click, cider doughnuts....I want cider doughnuts......send a Canadian cider doughnuts eh?
Velvet Ginger said…
time time time my dear friend!!! Come look at the "girl" i got for you on my blog! lol
(well i heard you like blondes!)
Blondie said…
Testing 1-2-3. Just testing my new blog account.
Hey Ambrosia! Sorry about that. I got a little behind in my blogging here. Off of the cider donuts temporarily and on to the fried oreos. It is fair season here in Massachusetts after all.

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