More Adventures At The Big E

I had one of those days on Friday where you set out to do one thing and by the end of the night find yourself somewhere totally unexpected.

The afternoon started off with another trip to the Big E. The weather was perfect for sitting outside with friends, enjoying a nice micro brew.

After that, it was time for some supper so we headed off to find some non-fried food. Not many choices in that category except for the fare over at the Sam Adams Beer Garden. Oh well, if we must.

After eating and continuing to explore the fair, it was time for a little pick me up. We ran into a group of friends who were kind enough to point us in the right direction. And yes, fried Oreos were just the ticket:

Then time for a trip down the giant slide:

As luck would then have it, while checking out the hot tubs, we were fortunate to hook up with another group of our buddies. Seems the thing to do here in Western Mass on a Friday night is go to the Big E. And what do friends do when they all meet up at the fair? Why we all head on over to the Martini Bar!

No good can come of going to the Martini Bar on a Friday night at the Big E. I should know that. By the time we finished there things were closing up for the evening. And since I had hot tubs stuck in my head from a few hours previously, heading over to Buddies #2 house to sit in their hot tub seemed like just the thing I needed.

One small problem - no bathing suit. Which, after a couple of pomegranate martinis turns out really not to be a problem at all.

Friends, fried Oreos, martinis, and naked hot-tubbing. It's just another typical fall day in the Pioneer Valley.


Anonymous said…
Deep fried Oreos? How could I have lived this long and never had deep fried oreos? The Big E will definitely be on my bucket list for next year.
Blondie said…
Hey, I have the Mrs. Fried Oreo to your Mr. Fried Oreo. We should merge the two pics together!

I also have a very interesting video taken at the Sam Adams Beer Garden. Shawn was telling us a very funny story.

Did you mention the cheese curds? Now those were pretty darn good.

Anonymous said…
Oh my. Those damn oreos are every where now. Just disgusting. However, topped off with a pom-tini or two, yummy. Your fairs are far more cosmopolitan than those in the mid-south.
SassyFemme said…
You Pioneer Valley folk are far more wild than us Farmington Valley folk!

I'll pass on the fried oreos, but that slide looks like a ton of fun!
Anonymous said…
Now don't go repeating that story. It's only for your ears. What a day at the Big "E". Fun for all.
Hello 8thday! I have to admit, those oreos are pretty darn good. And the Big E is always a good time.

Hey Blondie - Mr. & Mrs Oreo - I think they have merged together - on my hips.

Hi Lyn - And here I thought we in Western Mass were the ones who could lay the claim for having those tasty snacks. Nothing quite like pom-tinis and friend oreos.

Hey Sassy! That slide is a blast. Even the walk up the stairs to get to the top isn't so bad. I figure the walk up must burn at least 1/100th of a Maine baked potato with everything.

No worries here anonymous. Although LMAO, I shall not repeat any stories heard while at the Big E. Had a blast!
Landlady of Fat said…
Oh man I haven't been to the Big E in YEARS!!!
Velvet Ginger said…
Wow! It sounds like you had another good time! I love those little micro's fun to try out everything & I bet you were in heaven with that Martini bar! lol
Anonymous said…
I love that giant slide. Any ride that involves a burlap sack is my idea of a good time.
weese said…
ah, the martini.
I am only allowed to have them in the saftey of our home.
Velvet Ginger said…
Did you really jump in with no bathing suit? lol
I want to try the deepfried Oreos, & I have heard the deep fried Twinkies are great!
How long does this thing last anyway??? Looks like you are haveing a blast!
Then you are due Tina! I always have a blast at the Big E!

Hey Rubye Jean! The fair lasts until the 28th. So if I'm lucky, I'll get a few more visits in. And yes, I hopped in without my suit.

Hello Two Ladies! The slide is great! I think I may have actually gotten airborne once or twice on my way down.

I think I should apply that principle Weese to myself. At least that way I might wake up in my own bed.
Shrinky said…
So it's not called a "Raw bar" for nothing then, you little minx you, huh? Ah, Chewy has been telling me all about this big E place, I sure wish we had something on this scale over here.

Anonymous said…
We had a blast again with you guys this year. Thanks for showing Shawn a good time. Sorry we didn't make Chicopee Day. Rock on! H&B
Anonymous said…
Hi CJ,
It's Father Daughter day for me at The BIG E tomorrow (Thursday) We usually hit the Storrowtown Tavern and the Irish Pub.

Purchase a few PEZ in the Rhode Island building and hunt for something "American" for a Bonnie Lass.
wow. what an awesome time you had! it was the marathon night...were you doing martini cartwheels, as well? naked ones? lol :o)

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