Recycled Wildlife

I have been bad about posting this week. Just wasn't feeling it I guess. But I am so sick of looking at the ceiling picture. I would much rather look at pictures of my neighbor's cardboard wildlife.

There's the moose that sits out in the back-40. He seems kinda lonely out there. And then there are the coyotes that sit in the backyard. They are less noisy than the real one that was coming into the yard when this same neighbor was leaving out chunks of raw, red meat to attract the living, breathing version. There were cardboard bear cubs on the front lawn but I think the cardboard coyotes ate them one night when no one was looking. Come to think of it, I haven't seen my pink flamingo lately either...


Anonymous said…
seriously? wow.
keep an eye on the pups.

and i so thought you were heading somewhere else when i saw the moose.
Anonymous said…
I think I see your pink flamingo out in front of the windmill!
Anonymous said…
Would that person be McMeaty?
Anonymous said…
Hi Blondie. (waving hand)
Velvet Ginger said…
Those are really cool!
Cj...what makes you think I wouldn't want to sit down with those fish??? lol@you made me laugh so hard at that comment!!!
lol well, i suppose if you are sick of the ceiling pic and don't ever have the real thing, cardboard ones will do! we even have them out here, and there is the real thing all over! but they are cast iron...not cardboard...wind still blows them over!
SassyFemme said…
Do you suppose the real wildlife is sitting out there at night just making fun of the cardboard ones?
Lyn I kid you not. The coyote got so comfortable he was coming into the yard by noon time each day looking for food. We haven't seen him in a while, just the cardboard ones now thank goodness.

I think I do too Blondie!

Not McMeaty Chewy. McMeaty wants to get a BB gun and shoot at the moose. McMeaty and McCheesy have fun things in their yard like a hot tub and a pool.

I was just worried that if you sat Rubye Jean, you might get a nibble on something other than your feet. LOL.

We don't have too much of the real thing Ms. Creek so we are stuck with the fake ones. I've never seen a real live moose but I would love to!

LOL Sassy. Yes, I think that might actually be the case.
Mon said…
Well, all I can say, fake moose and coyotes are much better than real ones in ones yard I think.
Shrinky said…
You have some fun neighbours to play with, and some low maintenance wildlife to enjoy (they don't even duck away from the camera).
I thought the two pink swans in my next door neighbors yard that wore neck scarves and ear muffs during the winter were stylish - these are so much better.

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