Bikes Are For Girlz

This is one of my favorite shirts to wear while riding. Although I am always a bit anxious to wear something that conveys any sort of cockiness - I guess it is a karma thing. I am always cautious to refrain from any sort of arrogance because I believe it always comes back to kick you in the ass.I wouldn't look so confident in that shirt if I dropped my bike at a light or bumped into something while negotiating a tight turn in a parking lot. And then of course being female, I feel like I have to prove that I can ride just as well as a guy with the same level of experience. Which I am fairly certain I can, despite not having a scantily clad counter-weight on the back.

Ladies - ride often, ride safe, ride with a fun shirt! Because topless just isn't the way to go at anything over 10 mph.


dykewife said…
i would love to own a motorcycle. alas the time without snow is too short and the neighbourhood has too much "hood" in it. maybe someday i'll have a harley with paniers and go a'travelin'.
Mon said…
Ok...that bike is just freaking sexy....but I agree, even 10mph without a shirt could pose to be a real problem....What kind of bike is that?

Much much sexier than my 4-wheeler, that's for sure..but I think I can keep up with any guy on it as well.

Have fun, ride happy!
Janet said…
Confidence is feminine and sexy -- wear your t-shirt and buy more.

I understand what you are saying though -- somedays I think wearing any kind of pride emblem is redundant.

The season is fairly short here in New England Dykewife but we try to make the best of it. Unfortunately, it has been very rainy also making for a not so great riding season here.

Hey thanks OC. It is a Yamamha V-Star 650 Custom. I love riding it. I'm sure that 4-wheeler of yours is just as sexy, especially when it is passing the guys.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Janet. And I love your statement 'wearing any kind of pride emblem is redundant.' I'll have to remember that one.
John Gascot said…
LMFAO @ "topless just isn't the way to go at anything over 10 mph"!
It's no good if ones airbags have already deployed.
Anonymous said…
Your moto is looking pretty sweet there CJ! I think the new mustang seat adds a bit of appeal!

Now all it needs is you on it!
Very true John. Especially those of us with child size air bags.

Hey Blondie - Some hot moto chick gave me that seat for my birthday. I'm really digging it!
weese said…
damn bike.
(I would have to agree about topless over 10mph - saftey first)
Velvet Ginger said…
well I missed this blog post! lol!
It's also against the law to go shirtless even in Stugis!
I like your go girl!!!
Anonymous said…
Glad to see another female rider/blogger! Rock on!
Anonymous said…
Would that shirt work on a bicycle? (chuckle)
Thanks for the visit Trinity2! Now if I could just ride and blog at the same time I would be all set.

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