Smile Pretty!

In my twenties, my then girlfriend and I used to think it was a riot to take pictures of ourselves doing really stupid things. Giving ourselves weird hairstyles, wearing goofy clothes, or putting things in our teeth really made us laugh. I found these pictures today. They were taken about twenty years ago in Boston.

This one is particularly lovely, bra on the outside of my clothes,hair all twisted on top of my head, raisin in my teeth. And yes, I believe I am wearing a towel for pants.

This one of me reminds me of a British rock star who says no, no, no to rehab (sorry Amy). Again, a beautiful sight to behold.

And lastly, my ex, she who shall not be named. I have cropped out the top of her head because I think she would sue me if she saw I put her picture up here without her permission. She is the one who started all of this raisin in the teeth foolishness and this post would not be complete without her picture.


Anonymous said…
That first picture cannot possibly be you because the color of your skin is way, way, WAY too tan for Whitey McPastey.

What? No clown makeup back in those days?

(I have to admit those pics did make me laugh tho...)
SassyFemme said…
Those ARE funny!

I was way too self-conscious of a kid to ever take pictures looking goofy or anything other than fru-fru put-together.
Anonymous said…
Thanks to you, tomorrow morning I will be fishing raisins out of my Raisin Bran... (tee-hee)
Anonymous said…
Hi Blondie!
Anonymous said…
wow. cute hair!
Mon said…
Gotta love the bra on the outside of the shirt...wait...wasn't that an actual style? I think I had that same shirt...I'm in a total fit of giggles.
Mon said…
I left you a gift on my blog.
Anonymous said…
I totally remember doing funny! You look so glam;-)
Yes Blondie, that is me when I used to tan.

Hey Sassy - This is how we used to provide ourselves with cheap entertainment. Very silly.

You never know Chewy when one may get stuck. One can never let their guard down when it comes to raisins in their teeth.

Thanks Lynt. I think I have a flower or something stuck in my hair in the second pic. The up-do in the first pic is for formal events.

It took me a while to even notice the bra OC, seeing how small it is. Funny you may have had the same shirt.

Hey thanks MLL. I'm sure I felt glam at the time. And I'm relieved to hear I'm not the only one who used to do this.
John Gascot said…
Are you implying that you don't do this sort of thing any longer? And if not, I demand to know a good reason why. :-P
Unknown said…
What the??? I move north...out of touch from my blogging buddies...come back..and see this? This post should have come with a warning! I now have to get pepsi off of my monitor that just flew out of my mouth upon seeing those pics!!
I need someone willing to come out and play with me John when I dress like that. Is Batina free?
I'm sorry Wendy. Well, at least about the monitor. I'm glad you got a chuckle out of these. I have some worse ones.
You know, CJ, it's kind of funny the stupid things we did that were hysterical 20 years ago - at least to us. For me, it was pretending to be a gorilla as I walked with someone through a store - embarrassed the hell out of them - and fortunately no one ever had the foresight to bring a camera, so there are not witnesses.

Going to show the kids the raisin trick right now.
Cristina said…
I think I can say for sure that no one will find pictures like this to put up of myself and if I had them no one would find them.
I know you have them some where Cristina. Come on, give them up.
Velvet Ginger said…
That's just too cute!!!!
That's funny Hahn. I can just picture you doing the gorilla thing in the store. Where was Youtube when we needed them?
Shannon said…
Those pics made me giggle. How cute.

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