What Goes On At The Wet Spot....

.....stays at The Wet Spot (and at Martini Cartwheels)

Ok girls, you know who you are. And you were all behaving very badly last Saturday night. I am shocked and appalled, as are the neighbors.

Next time you leave your beers that close to the edge of the pool (see pic number 1) I am sending you all home. Now think about what you did and get ready for the long weekend.


Anonymous said…
Lots of skin to be seen at the Wet Spot!!!
Janet said…
What is the cultural phenomenon known as "lesbians and flashing".

In other cliches, one night I am playing euchre with the ladies - next thing I know it turns into "topless cards".

What the hell?!

Cristina said…
MLC - lesbian flashing is a VERY GOOD thing.

CJ, why was I not at the Wet Spot? Could it be that my reputation for random acts has found its way up to Mass? Oh Noooo....
Anonymous said…
I remember looking out off my deck and seeing the moon in the Northwest sky, but then I looked south and saw another moon. These pics explain it all.

I'm sure JoeMo had the video camera out. Naked chicks jumping into the wet spot. He can't resist that.
Velvet Ginger said…
Oh my...lots of red hearts on those pics! chick-a-babes gone wild for sure!!!
John Gascot said…
LMAO!!! Lesbians Gone Wild!!!
I love it!
I'm wondering if Janet euchre group is short a player?
Anonymous said…
I'm offering my photography skills for your next party at no charge.
Mon said…
Too funny CJ....I'm loving the jumping flashing lesbians, but I want to know which one was YOU...:)
Anonymous said…
We recoginze one of the bathing suits...hmmmmm....naughty girls! Love H&B
Anonymous said…
and the long weekend party starts when?
SassyFemme said…
You wild and crazy things!
Anonymous said…
And Chewy will probably be just like our photographer that night who couldn't seem to get the picture on the first try so we had to keep trying again and again and again! ;)

H&B and Old Crone - you don't recognize Whitey McPastey?!?
Shrinky said…
Jesus, I turn my back for FIVE MINUTES, and look what happens - yi, yi, yi!!
well well well

looks like you gals had way too much fun!
Topless cards Janet? I hadn't thought of that. Sounds like fun...

Cristina I wish you were there that night. I think you would have had fun.

Was it a full moon McMeaty? I hope JoeMo is around this weekend in case there is a part two.

Hey Rubye - Does this qualify me for chick-a-babe status?

What do you think John? Could we make some money off a video of this?

If the group isn't short a player Hahn, feel free to come over. What the heck, come on over regardless.

Chewy, you're hired. Do you have a telephoto lens? You may need one.

OC what makes you think one was me?

H&B - B will have to turn his back next time you are over. At least there were no topless flips off the board.

Anytime on Sunday of Labor Day weekend Lynt. Bring your suit (or not).

Hey Sassy - I think we must have had bad ice in our drinks or something that made us go a little wild that night.

Shrinky is back! Hope you had a nice vacation. See what happens when you are gone?

Yes Ms. Creek, we did. A good time was had by all, including the un-invited neighbors.
Mon said…
just a feeling I have CJ....unless you were the photographer???

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