The Ring, Part 2

Up until last night, I thought I had tried everything. Dishwashing soap, dental floss, olive oil, two different kinds of hand lotion, ice, and Windex. I was just about to give up. However, my friends McMeaty and McCheesy were not. First came the WD-40 and lots of tugging. Standing over the kitchen sink, McMeaty gave it his all. Unfortunately the WD-40 not only lubed up my finger but his entire hand as well. No go there.

Next came the dental floss. But the hand cream I had put on after the WD-40 only made the floss slip right off my finger without moving the ring. At this point, I had been sitting on the couch with my arm elevated for about ten minutes or so. This made the swelling go down quite a bit (thank you Chewy). McMeaty was confident between the hand lotion and the reduction in swelling that another few pulls and twists would work.

I sat on the couch, arm still elevated, while he patiently moved the ring up to my knuckle. Then wth a few more twists, turns, and tugging, the ring was off.

McMeaty and McCheesy - I will be forever grateful to you for freeing up my finger. You're the best neighbors ever!

Oh, and here's a picture of the ring removal, uncropped. The leg action helped when things started to get a little painful.


SassyFemme said…
OMG, I can't believe it was still on! At least you finally got it off w/o having to get it cut off. Chuckling at that leg action pic.
Cristina said…
So CJ, the lesson in all this is...(being a sweet cynical one that I can be), avoid rings, they complicate things - teehee. I am glad you were able to save "the ring".
Anonymous said…
I hope you realize, CJ, that McMeaty was not going to let you leave until the ring was off your finger. The challenge was too appealing! Maybe ring removal should be considered a new Olympic Sport- the thrill of victory! Thanks for letting us participate!
John Gascot said…
I tried not to laugh. Really I did.
Glad the ring is off. Cool blog!
Velvet Ginger said…
I am so glad you got that off!!!! Excellent advise from Chewy, a heroic act on the part of McCheesy!
Love that leg action!!!! I really like that sun clock too! tee hee!
and i love the leg action! lol
Mon said…
Way to go McMeaty...I'm so glad it's off. Your poor finger needed to be released from it's tormenter. Love the leg action on that 2nd picture....full throtle ring removal at it's finest!
Anonymous said…
(clapping) HOO-RAY! I was getting quite worried about your flipper finger.

Tee-hee. I'm laughing at the leg action.

Um... do you live next to an airport? Looks like a runway outside your doors.
Anonymous said…
Anyone looking for ring removal can contact me at CJ, thank you for sharing your supper as a trade off for ring removal. For the record, CJ didn't cry, scream, yell, whimper or show any sign that I was basically dislocating her knuckle. The landing light are actually Christmas lights strung on our deck. Ho!Ho!Ho!
Shrinky said…
Hey, can I trade Nutty Nora Next Door for your neighbours?? (I'll throw in the air tickets, awwww - go on, pretty please??)
Anonymous said…
thanks be! i was getting more worried by the second.
Anonymous said…
We are so happy that the ring is off. Whew! Billy was going to come over with the saws-all and cut your finger off to save the ring! :) And--he had another funny--but we'll have to tell you next time we get together. He's NAUGHTY! Love H&B
Janet said…
That's funny -- thank dog it's off though.

Anonymous said…
Finally! McCheesy and McMeaty leave a comment! And H&N too!

Next up will be the black and blue pictures of your finger!!

I must say, CJ, you were a very, very brave grrl. For a minute there I thought that you were going to pass out but luckily McCheesy came to the rescue and distracted you with her bronze medal on the Wii slalom!

Now go to bed!!
dykewife said…
congratulations! that was one very stuck ring, that was! i'm glad you're free of your bondage (somehow i keep hearing snippet strains of "we shall overcome")
I think the toe/foot action is what did it.
Sassy, it was such a relief to finally get that thing off.

Ahh, very good point Cristina. Sometimes you can lose more than just your finger.

McCheesy and McMeaty, I will forever be in your debt. Thank you so much for coming to the rescue. I love the idea of making this a new Olympic sport. It could be called the "Pull My Finger" event. Of course, McMeaty would have to be the team captain and McCheesy would have to be the coach.

Hey John, thank you very much. Thank you for popping by for a visit.

Thank you Rubye Jean. McMeaty and McCheesy were brave to give this a go. Not too mention how patient they were.

Ms. Creek, I'm just glad I didn't kick McMeaty in the head by accident.

Full throtle is a good way to desribe this OC. Once you get to the knuckle, all you can do is give it a go yank.

Yes Weese, this is a big relief.

Chewy your idea to elevate the arm was key in the ring rescue. Thank you for your great advice!

I would be lost Shrinky without McMeaty and McCheesy as neighbors. However, Nutty Nora intrigues me. I'll borrow her for a week or so as sort of a compromise.

Thank you Lyn. So was I.

Hey H&B - Billy could have added this to his list of chores. Billy naughty? I can't wait to hear what he had to say?!

Thank you Janet. I was starting to get a little nervous there.

Hey McGee - Thanks for compliment. Does the bravery make up for the stupidity of putting it on in the first place?

Thank you Dykewife! This was definitely not they type of bondage I would every want to try again.

The leg action was key Hahn. It positioned me in the exact angle needed to get that sucker off.
Even though I knew you were in great discomfort, I had to laugh at your rendition of this ring episode! lol

Glad that it all worked out and you were able to save your finger and your ring!

Thank you Jo. I was laughing at myself and all the crazy things we were trying to get that sucker off. It all ended well.
Velvet Ginger said…
Is the finger all better now?
I still like your neighbor's clock!!!!!
Back to 100% Rubye Jean, thank you. That clock is cool. I will pass your comment on to McMeaty and McCheesy.

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