What's Your Sign?

You know how people name boats? Well, pools can have names too. After much deliberation, it was decided last year that pool in the backyard shall be known as "The Wet Spot". (Good job Blondie).

So after accepting cheeses in their life (see previous post), Heather and Bill went out and had this very cool sign custom made. How fun is that? Now all that is needed is a pitcher of martinis, lots of ladies, a few cool gentlemen, and for it to stop freaking raining in Massachusetts long enough for me to get my suit on. Thank you H&B for such a cool gift! Everybody dive in the pool!


John Gascot said…
I will refrain from any tasteless wet spot jokes (one of my specialties, tasteless jokes in general, not just wet spot ones).
Sounds like great fun.
Here's wishing you some sunshine!
And awesome name!
Cristina said…
Can I be the Wet Spot's mixologist? I promise not to flirt - yah riiiighT.
Thanks for the sunny wishes John!

If it would just warm-up here a bit Ms. Creek we would be all set.

Cristina you would be the perfect mixologist as long as you were not all work and no play.
Velvet Ginger said…
What a great sign!!!!
You can sure have some of our heat Cj!!!!
How about if I trade you for one of your knock out martinis?!
Cristina said…
CJ, it is all about playing, I can even go coyote ugly if properly inspired.
Janet said…
I think someone should start selling that poster - fun.

Taradharma said…
okay, now I have a new name for my hot tub. thanks.

thoroughly enjoying your blog - found it via karen -- the newly wed!

btw, i make a mean gin martini!
Anonymous said…
Love the sign!
Should be a nice weekend here, CJ.
Wilbraham Peach Festival is my destination on Saturday.
Unknown said…
Love the sign! You really should have those made as posters and start cleaning up! I would buy a few!!
Hey Taradharma! Thanks for the visit. Gin Martinis are always welcome at the Wet Spot! (I like mine with Bombay).

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