Are You Going To Eat That Roll?

Yes, that is a pat of butter, sitting on a paper doily, next to two rolls and the rest of my mother Irene's unfinished lunch. The crackers can't be seen because they are in her pocketbook.

Irene lives with my sister and her husband in a beautiful brand new house. The refrigerator is always stocked. And so is the desk drawer in my Mother's bedroom. Yesterday I saw several left over chocolate chip cookies in there which I'm sure were from her lunch at the adult day care she attends two days a week.

Irene hates wasting any food. Growing up during the depression, food was not as plentiful as it should have been for Irene, her sister, and her mother (my grandmother). My grandfather passed before the age of 30, and times were tough for a while. It's something Irene still lives with today.

So even though I smile to myself a bit when Irene starts loading the take away container, I am quick to offer up anything I see on the table that is not nailed down. You never know when you may need that extra bite.


Mon said…
I love that she saved the doily.
SassyFemme said…
I love that you're so understanding of her. My dad was also a child of the depression, allowances just have to be made for them. Of course it also used to mortify me when I was young, but I just had to smile about it when I got older.
Everyting goes into the box OC. If you look closely, you can see the tablecloth in there (just kidding).

Hey Sassy - I really do enjoy taking her out but having a glass of wine with luch helps with my patience level :)
Anonymous said…
my 'rents are depression babies as well. and my mom saves every morsel and never goes out the front door without a pack or two of crackers in her purse. 'cause you know, there may be rationing before we get back. lol
Your mother does the cracker thing too Lyn? Oh that is too funny. Yes, I think my mother could feed a family of four with snacks from her pocketbook.
Velvet Ginger said…
Cj, as I was reading this...I thought "she must have grown up in the depression" and sure I read further...
They just can't help it. And think about how wasteful we are, and those younger than us. We can actually learn from this generation. thank you for sharing sweet Irene's story.
How sweet is that? Salt & pepper shakers safe? I know the nutrasweet probably isn't.
Hey Ruybe Jean - My mother will put a half eaten apple or yogurt right back in the fridge whereas I would be prone just to toss it. Yes, that generation can certainly teach us something.

LOL Lori. Now at least I know why I take 20 sugars to go from Dunkin Donuts everytime I grab one coffee. It's must be genetic.
John Gascot said…
That is so funny.

I hate wasting food too, but I would've definitely left the doily...unless I wanted to use it in a painting that is.
Anonymous said…
This reminds me of the time when I was probably 8 or so and my father's side of the family all went out to eat at this seafood restaurant in NH and everyone had left the table after dinner except for my teenage male cousin who was standing there holding my memere's coat for her to put on while she was busy stuffing her pocketbook with leftover 'meals' from the table! My cousin was really embarrassed. I still remember the look on his face 30+ years later. I guess that's what old people do. And did you know that it is common for seniors to pilfer cans of tuna from grocery stores? Tuna!
John I can picture you creating some sort of masterpiece with that doily. I really can!

Blondie, that's because tuna is so versatile.You can make tuna sandwiches, tuna melts, tuna casserole, tuna helper, tuna rolls, tuna salad, tuna on a pita, tuna subs, and tuna piano.
Anonymous said…
I just think that's just precious. And I agree with Sassy, it's really sweet that you're so understanding. I'm sure we could all learn a lot from Irene.
Anonymous said…
Doilies make good head decorations.

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