Thank You To The Lesbian Lifestyle

I want to thank Kelly over at The Lesbian Lifestyle for giving me a shout out. I was totally taken by surprise to see this write-up. Thank you so much Kelly! I am honored to be mentioned on such a great site!


Mon said…
Way to Go Miss CJ!
Ronia Nash said…
that's huge! and I have to admit, your blog is thoroughly entertaining!
I only wish you could blog one day about your trip to Vancouver.... : (
Anonymous said…
A trip to Vancouver would be grand!
Anonymous said…
I already congratulated you on your last blog, CJ, but I don't want folks to think that I am a dolt. Congratulations, CJ!! And remember... if you blog it, they will come! :)
Rita said…
Fabulous! Congrats to you!!
Thank you very much Rubye Jean and OC.

Hey Ronia - Thank you. You know I so want to get my butt to VC to see you guys. I miss Sweetie's dancing.

Thank you Blondie!

Thank you very much Rita!
Anonymous said…
Woo-Hoo, cj.

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