What Did You Say?

Boston words and phrases that often get lost in translation:

  1. Winta Tigha - Those 4 round rubber objects you put on your car (cah) so you can drive through the snow.
  2. I'm onnit like a honnit - To jump onto a task and stick with it until completion.
  3. Kahkeys - Casual pants, can be worn in the office or down the Cape. " I like to buy my kahkeys at L.L. Bean."
  4. Your sister's ass - Usually used as an expletive or said in a moment of frustration. Emphasis should be on the word 'ass'.
  5. The Pole - Refers to the street sign outside one's residence. Examples include Resident Parking, Tow Zone, Commercial Vehicles Only, and the like. "I need to take the dog out to the pole".


Al said…
CJ this is hysterical! I thought that maybe you had a few Octoberfests before you wrote this but then I noticed it was posted before 9:00 am! LOL! That makes it even funnier. :)
Thanks Al! I don't think I had any Octobers before posting - I usually try to hold out until at least noon!

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