These Boots Were Made For Sleeping

I'm walking down the stairs of my usual parking garage early this morning, trying not to trip as I did two weeks ago, when I spy something that startles me out of my morning stupor. There, underneath the landing at the bottom of the stairs, I see a pair of horizontal legs, construction boot clad feet toes down. I'm now thinking 'that's an odd position to be in to do electrical work'. When I get to the bottom, still alone in the stairwell (except of course for the body I assume is attached to the legs), I peer around the last stair to see a man lying face down on the cement. Hmmmm, this is not good. So what are my options here? I could approach, but this being Boston and seeing no other people around makes me question if that is such a good idea. And what if the guy needs mouth to mouth or something? Or he is shot in the head? Not something I want to see at any time during the day, never mind before 7:00 AM. I decide this one is better left to a professional who deals in such matters.

So I walk back up the stairs to the garage office on the third floor and summon one of the employees. He follows me down to the scene and attempts to see if he can get a response from this man. Turns out, the guy is just sleeping one off. Feeling better about the situation, I head out of the garage and continue on my way to the office.

Parking garage in Boston - $35.00 per day, hotel accommodations - $250.00 per night, combining the two - priceless (literally).


Anonymous said…
Yup, good decision to seek help.

I saw something lately on TV... if I remember correctly... the Heimlick (sp?) method for blockage, or chest compression for not breathing are the new preferred methods. No more mouth-to-mouth.
Good to know. It's been a while since I've had any of those classes with RecessiAnnie. I always felt like I should have bought her dinner first.

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