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It's 1:20 in the morning. And I should not be up listening to Bronski Beat, Missing Persons, Depeche Mode, Ministry, or any other 80's tune I have stored away on my ipod. My coming of age, my discovery period, whatever I call it, the 80's were good to me. I learned who I was, what I wanted to be, and I was young enough to get away with things that I couldn't now. Ground Zero,Axis, Venus De Milo, The Rat, ManRay and various other Boston bars were my playgrounds. War Dancing, Doc Martens, and vintage clothing were just as important as getting up for work and paying the rent. A haircut every 4 weeks with my head shaved up the back, Harvard Square, the cute bartender at Bobbby's, my first girlfriend, did you really get us tickets for The Cure? REM, Love and Rockets, Public Image Limited, New Order - oh man, I'm really dating myself.

I'll be honest - I do miss it a little bit. But not enough to want to go back.


Cristina said…
Whoa!!! - yes you are dating yourself and me too. Only I did some things bass ackwards or things I should have never done at all. No regrets though, I am who I am :-) for the choices I have made and I am woman hear me roar - meow.
Anonymous said…
I've been considering posting some "flashback" photos of my 80's persona. You've just pushed me to dig out my photo albums.

PIL Johnny Rotten in his big bright orange suit was one idol. New Order, I still love them.

No Docs on my feet. I wore parachute jumper boots and big platform steel toe exposed boots.

My hair went through various colors - bleached to bright orange/red.

Fun days.
No worries Cristina - 40 is the new 30 and since your not quite there yet, I think you're a new 20 something. And hey, sometimes bass ackwards works out better.

As for that tame roar, I know you are stronger than that!
Hi Chewy - I got a kick out of looking at lots of old pics last night. I never did the hair colors, but I used to have pleats (I think that's what we called them) shaved out in the back of my head. I can remeber waiting hours in line in Harvard Square to get a t-shirt signed by Siouxsie Sioux. I think I still have it.
Anonymous said…
A friend of mine loves Siouxsie. I never say her name out loud because I don't know how to pronounce it. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say it. Ha!
Cristina said…
Whoa there sister, I though the 40's were the new 20's. I have 2 and less than a half months till the 4 oohhhhh!!! I would hate to drag out my popped coller, pink & powder blue permed pictures (it's kind of funny to think about since I prefer/love my cargo shorts, baseball cap and flip flops as long as I possible can, summer cannot possibly be over) - especially the ones taken in school (YIKES - I had to wear skirts). Oh hunnay - yes I can RoaR.

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