Class of 1982

What a week. Between commuting to Boston and running off to visit my Mother in rehab (for her hip, not for Lindsay Lohan type issues) I feel pretty spent. To top it all off, I just found out my 25th high school reunion got postponed from November 2007 to March 2008. Holy REO Speedwagon Batman. I had mentally prepared myself for all the standard reunion dialog and now I have to wait another4 months to use it.

"Hey CJ, I have five boys. What about you, any kids?"

"No, I hate kids. You can't legally crate them like you can dogs. Ughhh, what I meant to say was I just plain forgot to have them. That's why I look so much younger than you. Ummm, no really, I love kids. It's just that I have awesome great nieces and nephews and I can play with them when ever I want and then I can return them. (CJ thinking - I'm in really deep you know what now). Hey, that's a great dress you're wearing. Husband? Oh no. Never married. None worthy. Actually I like girls. Yeah, it was a shock to me too. (CJ thinking again - Oh &^%$*, why did I bother coming here). Springfield College. No, I didn't major in PE. Ok, sounds great, we should get together sometime. Nice to see you too."

Ahh yes, a few more months of practice is probably a good thing.


Ronia Nash said…
You are sooo way funny and you have the best blog!!
You rock Rizzo! When are you going to start the next 100 Day Season?! I need a reason to like winter and you are my only hope.
Anonymous said…
First, I don't need a reason to like winter. Okay, the snow is pretty. And now that I have a Jeep it's easier driving in the white stuff. Err... I'm getting side tracked.

Reunions. Went to several of mine. I'm not one to make an issue of my sexuality... but came out at one to a table of people. My class had over 600. The last one was canceled because of lack of interest. What happened to the 600?

Ha-ha! I also borrow my nieces and nephew when I feel like playing.
Ronia Nash said…
New season starts Thanksgiving! But I need to start writing more creatively like you!

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