The Making of an Iron Butt

One hundred miles in one day might not sound like much to most seasoned riders, but for me, it is a pretty big deal. I've been riding for a few years now, most of those on a permit. This spring I finally got serious, got my license, and upgraded to a bigger bike that would have a little more power for longer trips. On Saturday, I spent the whole day riding with friends and finally hit the 100 miles in one day mark. That's me in the red jacket. It matches my pretty red bike and red helmet. It's good to have a matching ensemble when you have a bad case of helmet hair - it distracts people away from your head.

I first took a motorcycle class about 7 years ago. Unfortunately, that whole klutz thing clicked into high gear and I had a little mishap. Apparently when the instructor tells you to gently squeeze the front brake, she/he is not just blowing smoke. I guess I just didn't grasp that whole concept. I thought squeeze hard, stop quick. It's more like squeeze hard, go flying off the bike, and blow out your ACL. Since I had already torn the ACL in my left leg a few years prior, it just made sense to have a matching set by blowing out the right knee.

For anyone contemplating leaning to ride, I highly recommend it. The Motorcycle Safety Course is offered at several locations and it just takes a weekend to get your license. Just remember to go easy on that front brake and you should be fine.


Anonymous said…
It's all about the matching ensemble. Red and black is a nice combo; pretty, sporty and a little tough.

Really! It only takes a weekend. Oh but, I'm too chicken for that.

btw I once had a visitor from Rochester, NY who asked me, "What is a Pizza Grinder"?
Thanks Chewy! That's the look I was going for. Don't want to appear to vulnerable when riding. :)

LOL about the grinder - a friend from Boston was up two weeks ago. We went out to eat and the waitress mentioned one of the specials was a cheeseburg grinder. My friend, looking puzzled replied 'What's a grinder?'

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