Reach Out And Touch Someone

So if you heard the phrase "Can I just grab your extension?", you would be:

a) Sitting in your living room watching a porno

b) Having a fun time on a date

c) In a meeting with me, wondering in amazement, why I would use that terminology to ask for a male co-worker's phone number.

As soon as "grab" left my mouth, I knew the words were just spewing out with no thought process involved.


Anonymous said…
Did you say it with a British accent?
Dawna Sirard said…
ex·ten·sion   [ik-sten-shuhn]
an act or instance of extending.
the state of being extended.
something that can be extended; an extended object: a table with drop-leaf extensions.

Obviously, you went with number three. Perhaps you really just needed more table space for the holidays?
Solo said…
"Whitney" had a similar theme last night. That was funny, too.
Taradharma said…
you do sound like a someone from another country, grappling with the strange language know as English. I think it's very funny and if I have an occasion to use it, I will!
No Pawsing - something much more difficult to understand - a New England accent :)

Yes, Dawna! I knew there was some hidden meaning other than the one I was worried others may be thinking...

What Solo? I am so tired of these sitcoms stealing my material. I really need to do something about that. (Yeah right CJ, lol)

Hey Tara - I really need to engage my brain when I am having a meeting with the HR team. Hope you get an occasion to use it!

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