Hung Out To Dry

Do you have this problem too? You check all, and I mean all, the pockets before you put the pants in the washing machine. Then when you go to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer, you find a tattered mess of tissue sticking to everything.

The Kleenex Fairy was not nice to me this morning. Unless I have started to stick a tissue up my sleeve (and I really hope I have not become my mother just yet), there is no way that this object was in any of the pants prior to me closing the lid on the washing machine.

I think the Kleenex Fairy is in cahoots with the Sock Fairy - only difference being one gives and one takes.


Taradharma said…
It's especially irksome when there are black trousers in the wash....or a black cashmere
Anonymous said…
well the good part is, that you have electricity again i assume?
35jupe said…

I have horrid allergies. Awful. So, I need to do a very thorough tissue check.

And yet, there they are. Sooo frustrating!
Oh yah Tara. Isn't that a good time? As if doing laundry wasn't fun enough already.

Yes Pawsing! I am so happy to have the power back on! It's one of those things I'll will try not to take for granted again.

Yes Em - exactly. They just appear out of nowhere! How does that happen?

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