All you really need is some snow, beer, bubblegum vodka, and turkey meatballs.

Everyday there is no power,I move a more few inches toward induction into the White Trash Hall Of Fame.

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Solo said…
You're making me CRY! I feel so badly for you! BUBBLEGUM VODKA???? Really??
Oh, and sorry you still have no power.
CJ said…
Bubblegum vodka? Oh, that sounds heavenly, but I'm not sure how well it would go with turkey balls. Hope your life is restored quickly! (and if so, you know where to send the leftover vodka!)
Anonymous said…
That sucks!

What did you do with the meatballs?
Taradharma said…
can you go to work for some respite and heat? or are the roads impassable?

Don't worry, the white trash hall of fame has many esteemed members - you are in good company!

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