Full Moon

The problem with having a well is if the power goes out, you have no water. Which means you need to conserve toilet flushes. It takes about 2 gallons of water to fill the tank. Every day we have been filling up 5 one gallon plastic bottles at Blondie's parent's house and bringing them back home.

Tonight we used up about 3 gallons as the tank was on E and the bowl was not. That's when I decided I had had enough. Time to start peeing outside.

Blondie opened the front door as I was mid-stream and pointed her flashlight in my direction. As the beam reflected off my lilly white ass, I could have sworn I heard one of my neighbors exclaim "Honey! The power must have been restored! There's a spotlight coming from the lesbian's house!"

Ok, maybe it was just my imagination. But it is our 6th night of being in the dark and I think I may be starting to hallucinate. Just a little bit.

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Location:My Driveway


35jupe said…
Is it just me or is this the perfect post to start following your blog on?

Here's hoping you get power back soon. At some point I'm headed to the Pioneer Valley, so if y'all can get through the amazingly difficult winters before I get there, that would rock.

(Seriously, if you need anything from a world beyond winter, I live there. Let me know. As long as it's not a million bucks. I'm a little short.)
Anonymous said…
Dang lesbians, they always get the power first...
small town dyke said…
Oh how I laughed at this. I just sold my house with a well and am almost giddy waiting till the power goes out so I can still flush! hope you get power and water soon.
Taradharma said…
lesbians are so resourceful, aren't we?

how are you powering up your electronics? If they were to go...no more blogging and THAT my dear, would really put you (and us) over the edge.

Good luck - hope those MFers get your power on soon!

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