Could You Carry This For Me?

Mellow weekend. I spent Friday night and just about all of Saturday at home, sitting in front of the television watching shows with titles like "Lockup - Inside [Insert Name Here] Women's Penitentiary."

There was a woman who hid four methadone pills in a body cavity which were discovered during a strip search. You know, sometimes I just want to bring an aspirin or two when I head out for the day. And not being one to carry a pocketbook - well, I guess I have my solution. But I'll take the vitamins before I leave the house. Those things are horse pills.

Now if I could just find a place for my umbrella.


Solo said…
I would strongly recommend carrying the umbrella in your hand. The orifice that immediately came to mind, made me giggle first, then cringe.
You can take it with you on the Love Train, Love Train...
Taradharma said…
Lock up shows, while initially fascinating, ultimately depress the hell out of me. I do not want to think about where I could store my umbrella upon my body!! No!

Grab hold of your luscious little babies and take them for a walk. No thoughts of umbrella penetration will be present. Really.

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