I'll Take The Former


wake up in my house|feed the dog|get dressed|shovel snow|take shower|sign into work|eat breakfast|work on upgrade|debug code|analyze security|plan meetings|eat lunch|more work|feed dog|read mail|put clothes away|facebook|blog|pay bills|work some more|watch television|go to bed|read|fall asleep


wake up in the nursing home|eat breakfast|sit|eat lunch|nap|sit|eat dinner|sit|go to bed|fall asleep



SquirtyB said…
My mom used to work at a nursing home. She said one resdient man used to hump the staff if he saw them bent over doing something. He could add 'hump random people' to his list.

I wish nursing homes could be different...
Taradharma said…
okay, yeah, all right, I'd rather do all this daily bullcrap that do the daily nursing home bullcrap. But maybe when I'm ready for a nursing home, I won't even think of it as bullcrap. I've been to good ones, and to not-so-good ones. Sure, I'd rather be at home, but sometimes that is just not reality.

Is this a sort of 'count your blessings' post, or what?! :-)

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