How Many Points Do I Have?

Nutrisystem worked great for me. I tired of the food after a few months however. So this January 1, I joined Weight Watchers. I've lost 3.5 pounds in three days! And I'm freaking starving!

I like the point system. But I have a few questions that I need answered before the weekend:

  • How many points in a wheel of cheese?
  • Does lifting a tall beer count as an activity? If yes, than I assume it is better to drink a Guinness as opposed to an Miller Lite.
  • Can I eat my 49 weekly over-flow points all in one sitting?
  • If I take the Skinny Serum that I normally put in my hair and rub it on my thighs, will it have the same effect? That is, will it prevent my thighs from sticking out too far sideways?
Time to go to bed and dream of hot fudge sundaes.


Taradharma said…
hehehe...I'm a Weight Watcher member but haven't been for years. Once they started doing the point system I got lost. But it's as great program with no weird gimmicks. Variety and portion control work really well, yes? And shaving off calories where you can, like milk (non-fat) and butter. Every lil' bit helps.

And the answer to all your questions: YES.

I applaud your efforts!
LilliGirl said…
Guiness and cheese are low in carbs. Just tryin to help you out, ya know.
KMae said…
WW has a new points system (as opposed to the old points system) I am struggling with. Just dropped .4 last week. point fucking 4 .4 crap.
And ate 6 fresh baked croissants tonight @ 6 points each plus dinner. So much for that.
But I've been on ww for 6 yrs.
Other than going a bit crazy here & there from the focus of it, it does work.
Anonymous said…
You've redecorated. The place looks fab!
small town dyke said…
guiness is more filling...that counts!

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