Poop Deck

Mourning Dove. I now know how this species was named for I am mourning the loss of my poop free deck. Apparently the fence is no longer the gathering spot for these creatures. And although the droppings on the fence rail were not nice either, they were further away from the house, could be sprayed off by a hose to a section of the yard not commonly used, and were not visible from the kitchen and living room windows.

And no, I don't think they fit in an Easy Bake Oven (see previous post).


LilliGirl said…
I bet they'd be yummy...I have a similar problem but it's larger. Literally. Smoosh did not like snow.
An easy bake oven life. Wouldn't that just be lovely. Dessert and cakes. And I suppose if you cut up the bird small enough, you could cook it up. Sometimes I think I'd like to do that to my daughter's cavies. They do eat them in other countries. She didn't think that was funny.
Anonymous said…
Get ready to shovel again. At least you have lots of room to put it.
So Lilli if not in the snow then where? Oh oh.

Hi Homschlr! Thanks for stopping by. I admit it - I had to Google cavies. And yes, I do think they would fit in an Easy Bake. Although the dessert and cakes sound a little more appealing :)

One positive thing about the snow Chewy is that I have been working more days from home! How's the pool cover holding up over at your place? Ours looks like it is caving in!

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