I love the new bullet I received as a present. I've played with it practically every day since I opened the package. There are so many different ways to use it and it is so fast! I'm trying to take advantage of all the attachments but so far I've only gotten around to trying two of them.

I just plug her in and turn her on and start listening to her buzz away. The hands free feature is really convenient. Before you know it - a smoothie! Oh, and she is dishwasher safe too. You can never have too clean a bullet.

I can't wait to try making hummus and salsa!


Anonymous said…
Those things fulfill many satisfaction issues AND the bullets are color coded for when you have more than one in the party. Genius product.
Taradharma said…
I had a bullet about 5 years ago and loved it...somehow it got lost in my many household moves. I still mourn its loss...but I'm too cheap to buy another one.
KMae said…
Ours just broke suddenly.
And it wasn't old.
Pain in the ass contraptions.
And NOW I'm forced to go back to the damn blender. It was so nice just to make a smoothie for one in a bullet.
LilliGirl said…
gotta be the worst named product ever...every time I hear it my mind goes straight to the gutter. lol

Anonymous said…
Oh.... I was thinking of a gun projectile.

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