I Won't Make This Mistake Again (Hopefully)

I found a nice little surprise in my work backpack this morning. Any guesses as to what this may be?

It's not baby food, apple sauce, or poo.

It smelled bad.

Its skin was worse than its guts.

I'm a Dole Banana and I'm here to say,
I rotted in your bag while you were away.
I was green in the store when I was sold,
But now I'm all nasty and covered with mold.


Taradharma said…
the first photo looks like a dead animal...thank gawd it was only a dead banana! Ugh!
KMae said…
Yep. Those things are nasty after leaving them in your bag or pocket. And the smell is GROSS.
Susan C said…
Ha ha I left one on my desk at work before taking a four day weekend! Really looking forward to that tomorrow morning.
Anonymous said…
I thought it was a hook and bait in the bag at first, but then thought, why would you have THAT in the bag. Ahhh, a very very bad banana. Makes sense now.
LilliGirl said…
I totally knew what that was...I found one in a project room I inherited once.
Anonymous said…
I also thought the first pic might be an animal of some sort, and then thought hopefully the bag is washable. Then saw the real culprit & read your poem and almost peed my pants! Still hope the bag is washable.

dammit, forgot my password again

It was not a nice surprise Tara.

Thanks Ronia. I wanted to add the line "Take a bite, if you dare. I'll wind up on your underwear" but I thought that might be too fresh.

And it took me over a week to notice KMae. Glad I was working from home yesterday.

Update Susan! Did you find it or did someone toss it out for you before you got to it?

Very bad indeed Jude. Naughty banana. Hey - that should be a strip club name.

Oh Lilli! It's bad enough when it is your own but to inherit someone else's is very bad!

The bag survived Barb, thank you. A little cleaning up and airing out and all is well!
Anonymous said…
hahahahahahaha! I brought a banana with me to the drive-in one time. Forgot about it and it got all squished in the blankets.
Anonymous said…
This post made me deliriously happy.

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