Take A Letter

Hi Winter,

How are you? It was snow nice to see you last week, as well as the week before that. And I'm looking forward to your visit tomorrow.

May I be so bold as to ask you a favor? Could you please leave your cousin, Freezur Assoff, at home next time you decide to drop by? He's a nice guy but he tends to give me the cold shoulder.

And one more thing - you may want to lay off the desserts. You are a little heavier than years past and both the deck and pool cover are showing signs of the stress of your weight.

So now that we have that out of the way, I think I will hit the rack. Feel free to pile up nice and high on the Mass Pike. I'm looking forward to a work from home day tomorrow.

Lots of Love,



Anonymous said…
I have missed a bunch of your posts. (slapping my hand) OW! - Yup, I was wondering about our pool cover, as it looks way too low... but decided NOT to ask Dad about it.

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