Agoraphobia - Ain't That A Trip?

Thanks to all those who left such positive comments. They were all very much appreciated.


Janet said…
I'm sorry - it's never easy to watch our parents age. My father passed away from alzheimers and now I watch my mother struggle with dementia.

Love to you - hang in there.

small town dyke said…
Glad you had a place to share this and I hope that it helped.
Sending lots of warm thoughts your way.
Middle Girl said…
I don't comment here often, but I've read most of your posts. This hits very, very close to home.

Thank you for leaving it long enough for me to see.

Peace to you and your family.
dykewife said…
perhaps the story of your mother's mental illness is not your story to tell, but indeed, the effects of that illness upon you is definitely your story.

mental illness is something kept behind closed doors, shameful and not to be talked about. but really, it's not different from diabetes or high blood pressure in that an organ of the body isn't functioning right. i hope that medication and therapy are able to help your mom. i wouldn't be where i am were it not for modern chemestry.

keep on talking about what you need to. we're all here for you.
Jules said…
I second the comments that proceed me. Along with the thought; isn't this why we blog?

Hang in there. Your readers are here.
Taradharma said…
it's scary to share such intimacies, but you seem to have struck a good balance here. it's her story, but it's also your story.

i'm with you on the Sam Adams at 80...I "joke" frequently that at 75, I'm gettin' a gun. I watched too many people suffer for too long before they are finally released.

I hope your mom makes a good recovery, and if she must stay in the facility, may she do well there. It sucks all the way around. You're doing the best you can to make sure she is safe.
lyn said…
there's such bravery here. thanks for leaving the post up -- i read it last week but couldn't get my head around a comment -- hits too close to home.
Anonymous said…
Hi - It's Lori. I'm glad you left it up. It's a worry many of us have at the ages we're at - when we have to start or are taking care of our parents in some form or fashion. Good thoughts with your mom while she's there and all good hopes that you will get her home. Let me know, I'll smuggle her in some Sam Adams.
otter said…
I used to work on inpatient units like that. I LOVED that job, and I LOVED those patients. I found that if I could figure out what made them feel safe, and if I tried to provide it for them, they stablized quickly and could return home. The trick is not inflicting your thought process on their fears/issues. One fella was content as could be, if you let him sleep behind the couch at night. Didn't make sense to us, but it did to him. If he slept back there he was then fine the rest of the day, even took his meds willingly after that.
I hope both you and your Mom find some peace.
Janet, Small Town, Only Daughter, DykeWife, Jules, TaraDharma, Lyn, Lori, and Otter - Thank you all so much for your kind words. Your support means more than you know. Growing up with this, people were far from understanding. They were more curious, as though my Mom were some sort of oddity. Thank you for making this a safe space where it is ok to talk about personal issues. You ladies are awesome.

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