Maybe I Should Stick With Cathy

Those of you on Facebook have probably seen the latest status update going around - look up your name in Urban Dictionary and post the first definition as your status.

Here is what I found for Cathy:

The act of being extremely interesting, smart, cool, athletic, and just about every positive thing that a person can be.
Wow you were so Cathy!
I wish I were as Cathy as you!
Man you are so Cathy. If I were that Cathy I'd probably would have a pretty Cathy life!

Then I looked up CJ. I refuse to post the first definition. Here's the second, which I have edited:

Receiving a "strong breeze occupation" while you are in a coma.
I heard that Kiley gave Tim a CJ while Tim was recovering from that skiing accident.
That is just not my thing if you know what I mean. No offense anyone.

My favorite:
Kick-ass red-headed female pirate. Will randomly break into dance on a bus or in the middle of the street. Likes to steal sweet and sour chicken from other pirates. Stubborn and very violent. Moved away from friends and misses them terribly. Finds it hard to say I love you but still manages to screach various compliments across the phone-lines. Can be very humorous, but has a dirty mind.
Boy 1 : Dude, i really need to do something exciting I am so bored.
Boy 2: Hey I know a good CJ! She can make anyone laugh!
Together : LETS GO! *skip off into distance looking for CJ*

Change Boy 1, 2, and 3 to Girl 1, 2, and 3, red-headed to chemically enhanced dark brown, sweet and sour chicken to tuna grinders, very violent to very silly, and it may actually not be too far off. Shiver me timbers!


Solo said…
I saw this Monday and did it with my "real" name.....definition was "prostitute...".


Scary how accurate these things can be.
lynt said…
I have avoided this like the plague. Now your third result has me curious. Let's see what I get. If it's acceptable, it might end up on FB...
LilliGirl said…
Mine was way fun too...I'm such a Lilli. ;)

Go look it up. You know you want to. lol

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