The Massachusetts Senate voted for a budget amendment that would ban either writing or reading text messages while driving. Bastards!

I'll have to blog about that on my drive to work Monday while I'm snapping some photos for take 365 pictures , drinking my coffee, talking on the phone to my sister, and updating my Facebook status. Technically, none of those fall under the realm of texting.

It's not my fault so many people in Massachusetts can't multi-task without hurting themselves or someone else. Why should I be punished?

And we wonder why folks in New Hampshire call us Massholes.


Anonymous said…
Jaime was 19 years old when she took her eyes off the road to text. She was coming home from SUNY Cortland. I went to her wake, it was awful to see her father Jim crippled by his grief.
Hmmm Anonymous - I take it you are not a regular reader. My intent here is not to belittle the dangers of texting while driving. It's called sarcasm.
Anonymous said…
You are correct. I'm not a regular reader. OK so it was sarcasm. You do it well.
Touché anonymous.

Sorry for you loss. Maybe I should not have come out swinging like that on my first comment. I can be an ass but I try not to be an assh**e
Ronia Nash said…
ouch CJ! Nothing like having a first time reader land on this post! LOL
Those of us who know you, know you were completely kidding!!! Keep posting my friend.
Kel said…
ok -- sorry about anonymous...

But BAHAHAHA!! You're right! Most of us New Hampshirians use the term massholes pretty regularly.. That almost made me spit coffee on me screen! nice!

And ditto to the previous commenter.. Keep posting!
Hey Ronia - thank you so much. I appreciate the support. I almost deleted - I don't like Debbie Downer comments in my Happy Fun Spot. Vegas Baby :)

Hi Kel! I knew it! I just knew the term Masshole was more popular in NH than most people realized. It must be due in part to the mass influx of Massachusetts residents invading Hampton Beach every year. Too funny. And thank you too for your support.
Shrinky said…
Some folk just don't get irony, hon, as the comments blasting half of my posts can attest to (cringe)!

It's supposedly illegal to use the phone (unless it's hands-free) in the UK. I like this, 'cos tho' I never remember to even charge mine, it looks as though I'm actually talking to someone other than myself when I'm ranting behind the wheel..
Anonymous said…
You should have your hand slapped!
LilliGirl said…
Too funny and right on time...
Anonymous said…
This weekend we drove by a woman talking on the cell phone with her purse strap on her shoulder while she was peddling her bicycle. I can do 1 and 3 but could never keep a purse on my shoulder!


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