The Road Not Taken - 128 North

Dear CJ,

When you get off the Mass Pike take 128 North, which you have done every day for the last year, as opposed to taking 128 South, which you never do - expect for today.

Why? Well, first of all, it is the wrong way. Second, 128 is not fun. I don't know if other states allow this, but one can actually drive in the break down lane on this road during the morning and evening commute.

If you do commit the same mistake tomorrow, make sure that after you get off 128 South, you don't take the first ramp you see (again) and get right back on - you guessed it - 128 South. It's still the wrong direction.

When you finally right yourself, pay attention to where your exit is, especially now that you are coming at it from the opposite direction. Don't go past it like you did this morning.

If and when you finally arrive at work, give yourself a big pat on the back. And a coffee.

Your Buddy,



Anonymous said…
LOL....I've done the same thing when my brain goes on vacation while driving.
Allison said…
HA I used to take 128 to work in Waltham for years. In the breakdown lane. I've never seen any other state allow that.
Shrinky said…
Ooopsie, what a nightmare! Forget the coffee, you deserve a martini.
LilliGirl said…
I'm with Shrinky..but perhaps a smidge of brandy in the coffee will do as well?
Ronia Nash said…
Did you know Massachusetts people are the only ones who call it a "breakdown lane" - The rest of the United States (and probably world) call it a "shoulder".
Jude I am so glad to hear that - I'm in good company then!

128 is a scary place Allison as you know. I think allowing driving in the breakdown lane is crazy! Way too dangerous.

I like how you think Shrinky :) Either that or I need to start taking the bus.

That might be a bit easier to get away with Lilli. I could always hide the bottle in my desk....

That's funny Ronia. I didn't know that. Must be because we breakdown a lot here?
Kel said…
That's too funny!! I hate it when your mind is just simply elsewhere, and you realize just a half second too late... UGH!!

I've driven cross country a couple times, and have only ever seen it allowed during rush hour in Mass.. You don't want to drive through there unless you have to during that time of day!! Yikes!! However... I've lived in Ohio and now in New Hampshire..I've always known it as a breakdown lane.. Just sayin!
Anonymous said…
i'm with the crowd that says "shoulder". i've never heard it called breakdown lane and honestly wasn't sure what that was until i read ronia comment. the only time i've ever seen anyone drive on the shoulder is when there's an accident and traffic is being directed around it or when there's a hurricane evacuation.

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