A Very Disturbing Search Result

This is not funny. If you Google "chicopee world's largest kielbasa picture", up pops my profile picture. As the first result!

Do I look like a giant kielbasa? (Don't answer that.)

Although I do love a nice Chicopee kielbasa with some horseradish on the side, I'm not so sure I want to be the Polish Sausage Poster Girl.

Time to update my profile.


Anonymous said…
OMG! along side all those men too.

how the heck did you find this out!?!?

too funny! (sorry)
Lol! That does make me kinda giggle!!

I am curious as to how you discovered this as well!! :-)
Hi Jude! I know - who are those guys? I wanted a picture of the world's largest kielbasa which happened to be made in my home town of Chicopee. I didn't think I would find myself.

Hey Plans! Glad this gave you a chuckle!
C.I.W. said…
Jules said…
Your posting crack me up. Thanks for the laughs.
Anonymous said…
I Googled "world's largest kielbasa" in Google images and your face popped up 3rd. An irish potato to go with the Polish sausage. (giggle)

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